The book "Odesa feast"

Odesa Feast is a real gastronomic journey through Odesa, which reveals the city's tastes and traditions to the reader. Looking through recipes and reading legends, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Privoz, French Boulevard and other colorful places where history and cooking merge into a single gastronomic fairy tale of Odesa.
Enjoy the best Odesa dishes and urban tales, which the genius Savely Libkin gladly shares with the reader.



Mykhailo Zhvanetsky

Magazine "KhlibSil"

Odessans are divided into dispersed and concentrated.
The dispersed ones are scattered all over the world.
The concentrated ones are only in Odesa.
I did not eat the content of the new book, but I read it.
What a blessing that Odesa has been feeding itself all its life.
And Sava Libkin feeds Odessans.

In his second book, Savva Libkin invites you to experience the unique flavor of different Odesa neighborhoods with him: start at Privoz, walk down Bazarna, turn to Yevreiska and Deribasovska, and stand in the shade on Myasoidovska, on the legendary Moldovanka.
For each of the places he has stories with details known only to native Odessans, and not to everyone.

Fables and anecdotes about the olivier salad brought to Odesa by Richelieu himself, about a live elephant that escaped from the zoo and walked along Fruit Row, or about the writer Babel, who learned about the gangland showdowns on Moldovanka from his grandmother's stories, are all fascinating reading in themselves, worthy of the best examples of Odesa prose by Babel or Zhvanetsky.