The book "Business in Odesa"

Savva Libkin in collaboration with Anton Friedland

This book is about Odesa, about the love of food and life, about the restaurant business and about money: earned and lost. It is written for everyone who is doing or planning to do business, loves Odesa and appreciates an ironic view of the world, as well as for restaurateurs, present and future.
In my book, I talk about how I built and continue to build my life and my business. I wanted this story to be honest, inspiring, and, of course, very Odesa.



Andriy Fedoriv

Yevhen Cherniak

Andriy Stavnitser

"Saul's first two books contained recipes. However, he is not only a cook, not only a businessman. He is an artist. Because he treats every restaurant, every dish, every sentence with a surprisingly creative approach.
That is why his restaurants are not only beautiful, but also interesting. And delicious under any circumstances!

This book is a collection of unique Odesa challenges, situations, findings, characters, experiences and achievements. It conveys not only the spirit of the times, but also contains recipes. However, not for food, but for life."

"People come to Odesa for the sea, for the atmosphere, for the colorful dialect of the locals and for the dishes of Odesa cuisine. Savva Libkin and his gastronomic projects Kompot, Tavernetta and Dacha are part of this phenomenon. Restaurants serving Odesa cuisine can be found in New York, Khabarovsk, Tel Aviv, Kyiv, and Berlin. This is the cuisine named after the city where it was born, all other cuisines are named after peoples and countries: Chinese, Mexican, Italian.
I read the book with pleasure, it is interesting, leaves a wonderful aftertaste, and I want to drink tea with cherry jam at Dacha, reflect and draw conclusions. When Odesa and Dacha are temporarily inaccessible, you can just open this book and imagine that you are already there."

"Odessans are the most demanding customers in the world. I can speak about this responsibly because I grew up in Odesa. Every resident of our city has absorbed the highest level of food quality and taste with their mother's milk. And throughout their lives, no matter what country they find themselves in, they are looking for at least something that is not too fatty, not to mention close to home.
The reader's attempt to evaluate Sava Libkin's business career will be unsuccessful without understanding the subtleties outlined above. Remember: Sava could feed people who were picky about every tomato in their salad. If you have already conquered this height, all paths are open to you, and I sincerely wish my dear friend prosperity."